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There is not an agreements about the origin of the roulette game. Some experts say that it is derived from China, while others claim that the roulette game has its origin in France, and was created by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century.

Monaco in Europe is a sort of emblematic city for the roulette game because in the 18th centiry the royal family made a national empire linked with gambling to enhance the weak economy of the principality.

There are two different styles to play roulette, and there are two different wheels which are the American wheel and the European wheel. In the American wheel we find 38 numbers including 0, 00 and 1 to 36. In the the European wheel we have 37 numbers including 0 and the numbers 1 to 36. In the US roulette casinos, the dealers use their hands to draw in the bets, while in Europe the croupiers use a special stick (the Rake) to collect the chips. Also there some differences in the color of the chips between the American and the European style. Roulette remains as a popular game especially in Europe and Latin America.


Roulette is still popular at the land based casinos, but in the recent years, the online roulette version is gaining adepts since is a very easy, cheap, and convenient way to play. Roulette is also a nice attraction because its simplicity, because all is limited to pick up some numbers, to press of a button, and to wait for the odds in the wheel. Since its invention, roulette has become a popular form of entertainment and is played all around the globe.

Stakes are placed in a betting table which is near to the roulette wheel. A small ball is then released into the dial and the roulette wheel starts to spin. Once the roulette spin is over, the ball settles in one of the numbered spaces and the winners are paid in chips in real time. Very simple.

Most online European Roulette websites provides realistic sound effects and bright symbols and pictures to improve the player’s online roulette session. You can hear the noise of the ball spinning around the roulette wheel, and many others noises that we find in a real roulette at a land casino.


Now is your time to try your chances in one of the simplest games to play online. If you are a beginner then you can learn in detail about how to play roulette for fun, betting with virtual money, and asking all the questions you may have to the support team.


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