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Possibly the game of bingo along with lotteries, is the most socially accepted of all games of chance, and that is why it is very common to see in the bingo halls worldwide, many families trying their luck with this game. The origin of the game dates back to the ancient Rome, but in reality early Bingo as we know it today, is quite diffuse. What we do know is that the French appropriated it and called Lotto in 1770. After that the game of bingo has spread worldwide and today is one of the simplest and accepted games worldwide .



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With the advent of the internet, we have the opportunity to enjoy this game from the comfort of our home, and for those who do not like to travel to the bingo hall, definitely the online variant is a great solution . Also you can save in travels, food expenditure, and you can bet play from home for very little money . Another advantage is that you can learn to play with the free versions. Besides playing you can enjoy virtual communities, discussing many issues that have nothing to do with bingo.


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Online bingo is social, and you can interact with players from all around the world. Bingo forums many times are plenty of topics that are not related with gambling, and is a good enviroment to make friends. Internet bingo is easy to play, and you can learn from many skilled bingo players. Also in many bingo portals you can use the live help resource to solve gambling issues.

Online Bingo cards are cheap, so you can have a night of fun from your computer with very little money. You can also play for virtual money. You can also play poker, slots and many other promotions.

Since many time ago the bingo game have had changes, and some people  say that is not a game just linked to luck, because there are means to modify the chances to be a regular winner. However, this is not true. Bingo is recognized for its simplicity and is very easy to play online.


In the bingo game the player only requires the numbers that make up the combination to come up with the prize. There are several structures to get the prize, but the most simple are straight lines in a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal direction.


Play Bingo online




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